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Ready - Made Curtains

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The look and feel of home
Lace window treatments lighten a room, soften its corners and create beautiful spaces.  The Heritage Lace Ready-Made line not only offers a broad range of styles to define a room's look but also simplifies decorating a home or office.

Each Ready-Made Curtain is a framed panel, specially designed for that size.  

Heritage Fine-Gauge Double Jacquard Lace
is made from extremely fine-denier yarn, twisted seven times per inch for strength and extraordinary pattern clarity.  

Heritage Double Jacquard Lace
has the same unique depth, texture and beauty with substantially more weight than the fine-gauge double jacquard.  

Heritage Single Jacquard Lace
is made with less thread than double-jacquard lace yet retains excellent pattern clarity and detail.  Heritage Designer Knit Lace is of very substantial weight.  It is made with three yarn thicknesses for distinctive texture and depth and a three-dimensional look and feel.

Seascape: One 60"x14" Valance
 over one 60"x36" Tier

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